GID (Geolocation ID) Calculator

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GID is eight figure code that represents geographic location. This caluclator converts geographic coordinations expressed as latitude and longitude to GeoCode and reverse. If not specified otherwise, coordinates are expressed using WGS84 datum.

Converting geographic coordinates to Geocode

Geographic coordinates are represented as pair of two decimal numbers separated by comma, space or tab. Enter those pairs into text area and click LatLon2GeoCode.

You may enter batch of coordinates to convert by entering each latitude, longitude pair in new line.

43.92957 19.89752
44.11621 19.92406

Converting GeoCode to geographic coordinates

GeoCode is represented as eight characters long code containing numbers and letters. Enter GeoCode into text area and click GeoCode2LatLon.

You may enter batch of Geocodes to convert by entering Geocodes separated by comma, space, tab or new line.

You have to enter value as value pair latitude, longitude. Use comma, space or tabulator as separator.


Displaying results

Calculation result is displayed below of the form. Both origin and calculated values are displayed side by side. If youu need results only, then set checkbox "display results only" before starting calculation.